Who let the dogs out?

23 Oct

My latest article on the return of the Chatsworth Road Festival, featuring one very special dog show….



What is beauty?

3 Sep
Photo 'Beauty' by Vinoth Chandar

Photo ‘Beauty’ by Vinoth Chandar

What is beauty? A great piece of art?  A winning personality? An attractive woman? That part of Boots with all the make-up?

Find out in my latest post What is beauty? on Poached Creative’s blog.


On the Guardian Society Daily

23 Jul

On the Guardian Society Daily

On the Guardian Society Daily today for my post on Oii My Size for The Social Issue blog.


Looking for inspiration?

12 Jul

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart via River North Fiction


Beautiful quote about libraries by Caitlin Moran

20 Jun

Beautiful quote about libraries by Caitlin Moran

Via Buzzfeed


5-a-day mental health

5 Jun

5-a-day mental health

Loving this concept of mental wellbeing through five-a-day – what those five things are seems to be up to you! Gorgeous website too.

Avatars ease voices for schizophrenia patients

30 May

Really interesting study, using avatars to help service users stand up to their voices.

Avatars ease voices for schizophrenia patients.